Dr. Sebastien Saunier

Founder of Opti’Waves and researcher at Mines Saint-Etienne in the field of microwave sintering of ceramic.
Doctorate (PhD) in materials science and engineering

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based on 10 years of research at Mines Saint-Etienne

3 technology patents

Technology based on strong IP:

• 2 patents relating to the refractory materials used in the crucible containing the samples to be sintered.

• 1 patent focusing on furnace instrumentation and firing thermal management.

21 Scientific publications

Our selection :

In Situ Study On Microwave Sintering Of ZTA Ceramic: Effect Of ZrO2 Content On Densification, Hardness, And Toughness

Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol.100 (3), pp. 929-936, (2017) by C. Meunier, F. Zuo, N. Peillon, S. Saunier, S. Marinel, D. Goeuriot

Microwave versus conventional sintering : Estimate of the apparent activation energy for densification of α-alumina and zinc oxide

Journal of the europen ceramique society ; Vol. 34 (12), pp.3103-3110, (2014). by F. Zuo, A. Badev, S. Saunier, D. Goeuriot, R. Heuguet, S. Marinel

Comparaison of the microwave and conventional Sintering of Alumia

Journal of American Ceramic Society, Vol 96 (6), pp.1732-1737, (2013) by F. Zuo, C. Carry, S. Saunier, S. Marinel, D. Goeuriot

1 research and innovation center at Mines Saint Etienne

Opti'waves work is based on 10 years of research carried out at Mines Saint Etienne laboratory, a center dedicated to high temperature microwaves which and unique in Europe

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