Ceramic microwave sintering relies on materials that are thoroughly fired, bypassing their natural refractory characteristics. The immediate benefit is that it allows the firing of the element without deteriorating the material.

How does it work?

Conventional Oven

Cooking process by surface

Ceramic firing in 8 HOURS


Microwave Oven

Baking to the core

Ceramic firing in 40 MINUTES

Below are a few examples of sintered ceramic elements

Compatible with all types of dental zirconia

Full zircone, multi-layer…

densité optimale prothèse opti'waves

Optimal density for each type of unit

The material and the waves are coupled from the core to the side so to avoid the risk of elements that would not be fired thoroughly fired.

Flexibility in use

This technology, based on the microwave concept, allows to run up to 10 cycles in 1 day for better adaptability, reactivity and flexibility.


Temperature reaching 1675°C in 40 minutes

Firing power : 1kW

Micro furnace weight < 20kg

Capacity 30L or more if required