ZIrcoya by Opti'Waves

Microwave sintering of zirconia prosthesis

Welcome to Dentistry 4.0

Zircoya by Opti’Waves :

Microwave sintering of zirconia prosthesis

Welcome to Dentistry 4.0

according to your zirconia brands, between 1h30 and 2h30  it’s possible !

* 1h30: Possible on your white zirconia.

A technological revolution

* 1h30: Possible on your white zirconia.

2Noting that the development of zirconia dental prostheses is increasing significantly, the Opti’Waves team has been working for about ten years on improving the opportunity to improve their cooking process, by developing microwave technology.

At the present, the most common sintering method is sintering in a heat resistant Oven. This traditional method requires a very long cooking time of up to 15 hours, which obliges the prosthetists to regroup their orders. If a problem occurs during heat treatment, it will only be seen at the end of cooking. The prostheses in question are then unusable and the whole process must be repeated: a significant waste of time that puts the prosthetists and their customers in an awkward position ! The sintering stage is therefore limited in terms of the sector.

Based on the use of microwaves, the technology developed by Opti’Waves, has made it possible to launch the Zircoya oven which reduces the sintering time between 1h30 and 2h30 depending on your zirconia brands.
Suitable for both single dentures and bridges, Zircoya makes it possible to sinter all types of dental zirconia and to launch several cooking cycles in a single day. With a so-called “volume” heating, microwave cooking is more homogeneous than with a traditional oven, to guarantee high-quality parts. Thus, beyond the obvious timesaving’s, it reduces energy consumption and provides more flexibility. As a result, the technological innovation sheltered around several patents, leads to propose a common innovation for the entire industry.

Time saving

Cooking between 1h30 and 2h30: 7 times faster than with a conventional oven

A universal

Zircoya adapts to all types of zirconia, even the most complex work

Increased productivity

Multiply the productivity of your Lab by more than 10 and achieve production savings

An ecological approach

Decrease your energy consumption by 15 and reduce your bill and your environmental impact

A connected

Follow your cooking straight from your tablet or smartphone

Innovative solution
from 10 years of research

Opti’Waves, a company from the research laboratories of the École des Mines de Saint-Étienne, designed the Zircoya oven. Founded by Sébastien Saunier, PhD in Materials Science and Engineering. After his doctorate, Sébastien Saunier followed a career of teacher-researcher during which he initiated and developed a research axis for more that 10 years on the sintering by microwave of ceramics including zirconia.

It is by exchanging and understanding the precise needs of prosthetists that the idea of using microwave technology to cook zirconia dentures came to mind. Sébastien Saunier has therefore put his research at the service of dentistry to bring out new solutions to meet the specific issues in this sector.

The Opti’Waves project is therefore built on a solid foundation :

  • strong academic recognition
  • 20 publications in international scientific journals
  • several technological patents
  • many direct or collaborative partnership contracts

A recognized technology

The awards received by Opti’Waves :

Grand Lauréat Lyon Start Up Edition 3

Winner Start’In Challenge

Idea Challenge Winner #1

Second Bercy IMT Grand Prix

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