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10 years of research

A spin-off company of the École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Étienne, Opti’Waves promotes the research work carried out by Dr. Sébastien Saunier around the microwave cooking of ceramics.

It is by exchanging with prosthetists that Sébastien Saunier was able to measure the needs and the constraints related to the sintering of dental ceramics (time constraints, need of flexibility, reactivity, strong competition of the low-cost countries …). Sébastien Saunier has therefore, put his expertise at the service of the sintering zirconia and imagined Zircoya, an oven to cook dentures between 1h30 and 2h30 only: a true technological revolution !

Today theÉcole des Mines is home to a high-temperature microwave platform unique in Europe, made up of a dozen ovens. This platform is based on strong academic recognition with some twenty publications of recognized scientific journals including :

  • In situ study on microwave sintering of ZTA ceramic: Effect of ZrO2 content on densification, hardness, and toughness.
    Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol.100 (3), pp. 929-936, (2017) par C. Meunier, F. Zuo, N. Peillon, S. Saunier, S. Marinel, D. Goeuriot
  • Microwave versus conventional sintering: Estimate of the apparent activation energy for densification of α-alumina and zinc oxide.
    Journal of the europen ceramique society; Vol. 34 (12), pp.3103-3110, (2014). Par F. Zuo, A. Badev, S. Saunier, D. Goeuriot, R. Heuguet, S. Marinel
  • Comparison of the microwave and conventional Sintering of Alumia
    Journal of American Ceramic Society, Vol 96 (6), pp.1732-1737, (2013) par F. Zuo, C. Carry, S. Saunier, S. Marinel, D. Goeuriot

It is also the subject of numerous direct or collaborative partnership contracts.

Opti’Waves is the development of 10 years of research and recognized expertise in the field of ceramic cooking.

While microwave cooking of ceramics is now used in the dental sector, it can extend to a large number of industrial activities, such as :


Aeronautics and Aerospace






3D Impressions

My vision as a researcher is to serve the industry
to offer new solutions.

Leader, founder of Opti’Waves and teacher-researcher at the École Nationale Superieure des Mines of Saint-Etienne, in the field of microwave ceramics cooking. Sébastien Saunier holds a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering.

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